This is what Michael Porter would look like if he was in Game of Thrones.

This is the eighth entry in our ‘Comparisons Are Coming’ article series, in which we compare high school athletes to Game of Thrones characters. [SPOILER ALERT]

Yes, we’re seriously comparing basketball duo Michael Porter Jr. and Jontay Porter, to the blood-thirsty Westorosi brothers, Gregor (The Mountain) and Sandor (The Hound) Clegane. They surprisingly have some similarities, from all of them being at the top of their game to interesting sibling dynamics.

The Porter Brothers Are Out Here

Both Michael and Jontay Porter will be playing this season at Mizzou, after Jontay decided to reclassify to the Class of 2017 and join his brother. While Michael is ranked No. 2 by ESPN, and Jontay ranked No. 25, the Porter brothers are impressive in their own ways, using their 6-10 frames to get buckets, make moves on the post, and hit the outside shot.

Michael has the handles and the hops of an elite player, while Jontay shows a stronger presence down-low working the post, and athleticism comparable to his brother’s.

Safe to say the Porter brothers are going to be a formidable force at Mizzou.

A Killer Duo

The Clegane brothers are not what you would call close. While the Porter brothers seem to actually enjoy playing together enough to go to the same school, The Hound hates his older brother, probably due to the whole burning-his-face thing. Even though The Hound followed in The Mountain’s foot steps and became a knight for the Lannister family, The Hound is a much more redeemable character. He actually (somewhat) cares for other people, and even though he’s deadly with a sword, he isn’t really all that blood-thirsty.

The Mountain, on the other hand, killed a man by crushing his skull with his bare hands and is now a zombie servant to Cersei. There’s no going back from there. He’s ruthless and cold-hearted, feeling no remorse for all the people he’s killed, raped and pillaged.

The next time The Mountain and The Hound meet, there will probably be a battle to the death. Thankfully, the Porter brothers will be teammates, so there shouldn’t be any fighting on the court (hopefully).