Basketball was banging once again this summer in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, thanks to another successful LES Express Lower Manhattan Classic Memorial. Congratulations to the BK Rens for taking home the 2017 High School Division Championship!

We compiled all the top dunks, blocks, fake-outs, jellys and more from an absolutely sizzling season. Let’s count down the ten best plays:

10) Elvin Rodriguez Just Loves Showing Ouuut

9) Adian Igeihon Is A Top Ranked Player For A Reason

8) Kalique Mitchell Doesn’t Just Pass

7) Jarell Ware Fits It In Between Not One, But Two Defenders

6) Nino Radeneic Sneaky Wit’ It At LES Express

5) Kalique Mitchell Going Behind-The-Back To Keyon Smith

4) Kywar Nelson’s Always Excited For A Block Party

3) Marcus Patterson’s Moves Are Too Filthy

2) Yarayan Evans Almost Puts His Opponent In A Body Bag

1) Idan Tretout Eviscerates The Defender

LES Express ’17 will be hard to live up to, but we’re already looking forward to the 2k18 version.